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Be Healthy, Happy and Active Once Again with BODHE

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BODHE Protective Undergarments Restore Freedom And Comfort

BODHE is a body protection system that is dedicated to helping patients recover from major medical device implant procedures. Our products provide protection and comfort so that patients can continue to live the lives they have always imagined.

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our products

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    Bodhe for Men

    This true seamless undergarment provides comfort...

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    Bodhe for Women

    This true seamless undergarment provides comfort...

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    Silver Infused Yarns

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      Help Reduce Infection

      The silver infused into the yarns of BODHE products will help decrease incision site infections for some customers by neutralizing the bio-burdens that creates the perfect environment for bad germs to grow. Whether a silver bullet or more like a silver spoon, this metal helps Gram-negative bacteria take their medicine.

    • reduse-odor

      Reduces Odor

      We manufacture our products to protects your garments from smelling like a middle school locker room. Sweat itself is odorless, but it creates the conditions that bacteria need to multiply, and some of those bacteria produce odors. Our products stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria on fabrics, so you can wear more and wash less.

    • help-decrease

      Help Decrease Wireless Interference

      With the dramatic increase in the use of wireless cellular phones, such use could also affect your device function due to electromagnetic interference (EMI). BODHE’s products were designed and manufactured with silver fibers to help reduce the amount of electromagnetic waves exposure your device receives.

    • anti-micro-icon

      Insertion Site Protection

      Post implant of any device, protection of the incision site is key to deduce your chances of acquiring an infection at the or around the incision. BODHE’s products were designed to neutralize germ causing bacteria and protect the site.

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      100% Comfort

      Our true seamless technology ensures the wearer is provided with 100% comfort. This will be the most comfortable therapeutic product you will ever purchase. Although our products provide compression, we developed our garments to allow more stretch without compromising the elasticity of the fibers. After 5 minutes, you will forget you have it on.

    • protection-icon

      Pacing System Protection

      We designed and developed our products to help reduce the pain and discomfort you might experience from your implanted device as well and reduce the movement of amount of friction and inflammation due to the device movement in the body. By reducing this movement, we help slow down the occurrence of pacing wire to device abrasion one of the causes of device malfunction.

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