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About Us


The BODHE Story

BODHE, “pronounced body”, is the result of a long traveled road by its founder, Greg Ellington. Greg has worked in different roles for two of the biggest pacemaker and ICD companies in the world. What he really liked and excelled in was the technology and had always been seen and acknowledged by other as an expert when it came to understanding and solving issues or problems that were presented to him by others.

The one thing he could never get out of his mind was that he knew the medical device companies were not focused on the patients personal needs after the implant. Therefore, who would devise a strategy to help the current and future people living in pain and discomfort causes by the very same product that’s used to help save and extend their lives. In the hundreds of meetings and seminars he had attended, there had never been one honest discussion about ways to decrease the pain and discomfort that the vast majority of the people living with these devices implanted complained about on a daily basis. On the other hand, there had always been discussions on ways to reshape and/or make the device smaller but who really cares how big or small the splinter in your hand is if they both will cause the same amount of discomfort.

As a representative in the field for a pacing company, you really do not have the time to do a lot of other things because of the demand that the customers put on you as well as the never ending calls. As it would be, this gave him time to reflect and think about all the complaints and complications that he had heard and seen firsthand that people with implantable devices go through on a daily basis. Armed in his knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, device implant limitations, complications associated with device implants, current and potential implanted cardiac device issues, the body’s response, both physical and psychological, foreign objects in the body, and current and potential patients lack of information about why certain issues occur got him to thinking. Pacemakers have been around for more than FIFTY years as an implantable device and ICD almost 30 years. No one has ever tried to come up with a solution that targets the majority of the current and future complaints and issues people with implantable medical devices face with one product. The forward thinker he is, he decided to tackle this issue head on because he knew that no one else had been listening to the complaints for the patients view and hence BODHE was formed.

Founded in 2014, BODHE Inc., has redefined the term therapeutic medical apparel with a Patent Pending comfort and protection garment for people living with implanted medical devices. The technology behind BODHE’s therapeutic medical apparel is complex but the effects of the garments are simple: Decrease the pain and discomfort and protect the implanted medical device.

BODHE’s mission is to give people living with pain and discomfort due to an implanted medical device their body and life back by constantly improving our designs with innovation and medical technology.

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