The BODHE Story

Pronounced "body", our products are designed by health care professionals and with the input from patients who have an implantable device within the chest area. Although we cared for the patients with these devices during their follow up visits, we wanted to get to know them better and consume their stories of what it feels like having a device. We wanted to get it right, so we asked a lot of meaningful questions that were relevant to their experiences, to ensure our products were designed and manufactured to be a blessing and a true benefit to the consumer of our products.

After focusing on the common themes that were expressed in the answers to our questions, we knew that the device companies were not focused on the patient’s personal or psychological needs after the implant. Therefore, we devised a strategy to help current and future patients living in pain and discomfort caused by the very same product that is used to help save and extend their lives. We also thought about all of the meetings and seminars we had attended where there had never been one honest discussion about ways to decrease the pain and discomfort that the vast majority of the patients living with these implanted devices complained about on a daily basis. On the other hand, there had always been discussions on ways to reshape and/or make the device smaller but who really cares how big or small the splinter is in your hand if causes the same amount of discomfort and pain.

We wanted to design products that would not only help with all the concerns expressed by patients we were following up on a daily basis, we wanted to also limit the complications that we have seen firsthand while managing patients with implantable devices. Armed with the knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology, device implant limitations, complications associated with device implants, current and potential implanted cardiac device issues, and the body’s response (both physical and psychological, to foreign objects in the body), made us want to design and manufacture a protection system for the recipient and the device. Pacing and defibrillating devices have been around for years and no one has ever tried to come up with a solution that targets the majority of the current and future complaints and issues patients with implantable medical devices face with one product. As fate would have it, BODHE decided to tackle this issue head on because we knew that no one else was asking recipients questions about living with their device and sincerely listening to their stories from their viewpoint, hence BODHE was formed.

Founded in 2014, BODHE Inc., has redefined the term therapeutic medical apparel with Patent and Patent Pending comfort and protection garments for patients living with an implanted medical device. The technology behind BODHE’s therapeutic medical apparel is complex but the effects of the garments are simple: Decrease the recipient’s pain and discomfort and protect the implanted medical device. BODHE’s mission is to give patients, living with pain and discomfort due to an implanted medical device, their body and life back by constantly improving our designs with innovation and medical technologies.