Post Pacemaker Implant

After a person is implanted with a pacemaker with pacing wires;  quality of life and working to get back to the things they enjoy most enjoy is often a concern. Some pacemaker recipients will also experience pain and discomfort at and around the implant area. BODHE products were designed and developed by health care providers with expertise in cardiac medical procedures and devices. First and foremost, our products are manufactured with the recipient's comfort and concerns in mind and the protection of the device and the pacing wire/s. Get the entire day comfort and protection you desire and deserve in an all inclusive product that is undetectable, that will mask the imprint of your device under your clothing, and can be worn 24hrs a day. Also, this is a product you can wear to bed.  No other product can boost these features and benefits:

Comfort & Protection for Recipient

  • Help decrease pain and discomfort
  • Help improve comfort with activities
  • Antimicrobial and odor eliminating properties
  • Help decrease impact from outside forces
Pacemaker Pic

Protecton for the Pacemaker

  • Patented D3 spacer is impact resistance
  • Decrease movement of the device by 75%
  • Help decrease wire to device abrasion
  • Help decrease wireless interference
Doc Pic

7 Key Benefits and Features that only BODHE’s product can provide:

  1. 24 Hour Comfort and Protection with one product
  2. Help reduce pain and discomfort
  3. Help reduce likelihood of device eroding from implant site
  4. Help reduce movement of device by under the skin by 75%
  5. Silver Technology: Help reduce the likelihood of an infection at the incision site
  6. Silver Technology: Helps reduce potential harmful electromagnetic interference
  7. Seamless and higher product quality providing and increase stretch and comfort