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seamless therapeutic clothing for implantable devices medical therapeutic apparel and undergarments

BODHE Seamless Clothing & Medical Therapeutic Apparel


BODHE’s approach to therapeutic medical apparel is unique and designed not only for current problems and complaints but to help prevent future issues. BODHE has the only Patent Pending therapeutic medical apparel garments that can make these claims.

BODHE apparel will:

  • Decrease the pain and discomfort associated with implanted medical devices
  • 24/7 Protection for the person and implanted medical device from outside forces
  • Mask the device, providing better body symmetry
  • Decrease movement of the device within the body
  • Decrease the friction between the device and the lead/s connected to device
  • Decrease incision site infections
  • Decrease lead abrasions
  • Decrease device eroding from the pocket/body
  • Decrease hematoma post replacement for people on Plavax or other blood thinners
  • Improve range of motion during exercise and playing sports
  • Improve body image and posture
  • Help in the recovery process


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